If you want to have the exterior of your home painted a different color, then you want to put some time and thought into finding the right colors. There are several things you need to consider, so you don't find out that you made the wrong choice once the paint job is finished. This article can help you with the color selection process, so you don't end up with results you are happy with.

Look at the other houses in your neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood with houses of many different colors and styles, then you may have a little more choices available to you without worrying about your house standing out too much. However, if your home is surrounded by houses with basic, common colors, then you may not want to be very creative with the colors you choose for your own house. If you do go with something much different than the other houses, it will make your house really stand out from all others. You may even find that some of your neighbors are mad at you and worry you may be bringing down the value of homes near yours.

Consider the weather where you live

If you live in an area that experiences a large amount of rain, then you should consider this. If you choose to go with a bright white exterior, then you may find yourself spending a lot of time cleaning mud and dirt off of the side of your house. If you live in an area that has a lot of hot and sunny days, then going with a darker color may leave you spending more on your energy bills due to your efforts to keep your house cool. 

Choose a trim that goes well

Once you decide on the best color for your house, you will also need to decide on the trim color. This should be a color that goes well with the main color. Spend some time looking at color swatches and holding different colors up to the one that matches your house color to see how well different colors go together. The trim should be at least a few shades darker than the paint, so it helps the features of your house stand out and gives it some extra dimension.

Once you choose the right colors, you can have a commercial painter (such as one from Decorators Service Co., Inc.) paint your home in those colors. Once you see the final product, you'll be glad you put so much thought into picking the right colors.