Painting the walls in your home is the perfect way to transform the entire look and feel of your abode.  Without even purchasing new furniture or fixtures, you can take a bland space and make it pop simply by adding a punch of color.  However, because there are so many hues and shades of color, you may be confused about which ones will work best for you.  Use this information to learn more about what can help you choose the right color for your walls.

Go For Complementary Colors

In much the same way that some people no longer think that they have to coordinate their shoe color to be an exact match with their belt or purse, you can also go for contrast when it comes to your wall colors.  You would be amazed at just how much depth you can add to your interior design just by using complementary shades of paint.

For example, you may have a red sofa in your living room.  You may be running from store to store in search of this shade of red because you think it must be identical.  However, you can set up a contrast by opting for a color that is directly across from the color of your sofa on the color wheel.  In the case of red, colors in the green family are considered complementary because they are opposite the color red.  A room with a rich red sofa and deep green walls can be incredibly beautiful.

Consider The Mood

Another point you should consider when picking your wall colors is the mood you want to create.  Different activities take place in each area of your home, so you want to choose colors that facilitate, rather than hinder what will happen in the various spaces.

An example of this would be the kitchen.  A great deal of activity happens in the kitchen, with everything from cooking and eating to entertaining being done there.  You probably want a vibrant, inviting space that helps you feel alert and welcome.  Green and yellow are two great kitchen colors because they help to create a warm atmosphere that is sure to be enjoyed.

Using color to enliven your home is a great way to achieve the interior decor that you've always wanted.  Contact a painting contractor like those found at Terry McGill, Inc. so you can discuss your options for using paint to create a more beautiful place for you to come home to.