After you take everything off of your walls in preparation for painting, you will most likely want to mount the same things or new decorations once the paint job is finished. It is helpful to know the best ways to mount certain items to prevent your freshly painted walls from experiencing much or any damage.

License Plates

After your walls are freshly painted, you may have a collection of license plates to put on the wall. If you want to put them side by side along part of a wall, you could use two or four nails for each one. Using the top two brackets will give you a good hold, but using all four brackets is the strongest mounting method. Alternatively, you can use mounting putty on all four corners to avoid any wear and tear on the walls. Another option is to use tie wraps to connect multiple license plates together in a vertical orientation and then mount them with a single, strong nail that can hold all of them. Plates vary in weight from 0.2 to 0.5 pounds, so you can use this as a guide to avoid a mounting kit that is not strong enough.


Tapestries are typically large in size and can easily become the focal point of a room, but you want to mount them correctly, especially after painting, to avoid causing damage to the walls. Although you have a number of mounting options to choose from, the easiest one to use essentially replicates a curtain rod. For extra-heavy tapestries, using wall studs will provide you with the most secure mounting.


Since posters are so lightweight, they are perfect for putting onto freshly painted walls. None of the methods of displaying them on the walls require you to use nails or screws, so damage is not an issue. Two common options include using adhesive tape that you put behind the corners of the poster or using adhesive putty in thin layers that keep the posters as flush to the wall as possible.


Putting lights on the wall is an excellent way to make up for a lack of lighting in a given room. You might not want to install a new lighting fixture that costs $453 on average. It is a perfect opportunity to paint cable concealment strips in the same color as the new paint in the room that you can then attach to the walls. This will allow you to install lights on the wall without making them stick out in a negative way. An alternative is to opt for battery-powered wall lights in which you do not have to worry about cables at all.

With these ideas, you can really spice up your home after just getting the interior painted.