No matter how carefully you measure your room and purchase wallpaper, there will always be at least something left over after a wallpaper installation. Instead of tossing the leftovers in the trash or putting it in the back of the closet to be forgotten, use that wallpaper for other things. Read on for some creative ways to use up that extra wallpaper.  

Room Decor

Instead of screwing basic switch plates back onto the wall after the wallpaper installation is complete, cover the switch plate with wallpaper scraps for a uniform look on the wall. Leftover paper also can be used as photo mattes in the framed art in the room or as drawer liners or shelf paper in closets, cabinets, or dressers. Using leftover wallpaper this way creates a feeling of continuity in the wallpapered room and provides little visual surprises for visitors in the room.


Try using leftover wallpaper on the risers of stairs. The unexpected flash of color not only looks nice, but washable wallpaper can also make it simple to remove shoe scuffs in no time.


Instead of purchasing new lampshades to replace boring ones, measure a piece of wallpaper and cut it to fit the lampshade. Then simply attach the wallpaper to the top and bottom of the old lampshade using a hot glue gun.

Window Treatments

Cut a piece of wallpaper the width of the window and two feet more than the length. Fold the wallpaper accordion style and use a hole punch to create a hole 1 inch in from the end of each pleat of the shade. Run a string through these holes and knot the bottom of the string. This string will allow you to raise and lower the shade. Then wrap the top of the wallpaper around a dowel and glue the paper in place. Finally, place hooks in the wall to hold the dowel, hang it up, and you have a brand new window shade.

Glass Tables

If you're bored with a glass top on your coffee table, glue a piece of leftover wallpaper to the underside of the glass. Smear clear adhesive to the patterned side of the wallpaper and smooth it onto the underside of the table. You'll still be able to clean the glass, but you won't be able to see the collection of magazines that live under it.

Interesting Art

Frame a piece of the wallpaper and hang it up for a piece of beautiful art. If you have multiple pieces of leftover paper, you can create a whole gallery. If you don't like the look of an entire sheet of wallpaper in a frame, cut out just the elements you like best in the wallpaper and glue them onto a piece of cardstock in a complementary color.