Are you looking for a way to clean up your kid's playroom? Are you tired of dealing with the crayon on the walls and the toys all over the floor? Here, you'll find a few tips that will help you convert the troublesome playroom into a space that you'll enjoy sending your kids to spend their time in.

The Walls

It's virtually impossible to keep kids from writing on walls, so why not embrace it? Instead of trying to keep the writing off of the walls, coat one of the walls in chalkboard paint and give the kids some sidewalk chalk. Yes, the chalk does make a mess, but it is much less of a mess than the markers and crayons on the walls.

Now, to protect the rest of the walls, you really only have one option – coat the walls in durable, easy-to-clean paint. You'll find a variety of paints marketed for use in kids' rooms because it is formulated to withstand all of the abuse that your kids will put it through and wash up more easily than others. If you have questions, reach out to a company like Yu1 Painting Company.

The Floors

Get rid of that wall-to-wall carpeting. Yes, it does feel nice under your feet, but it is making things more difficult for you to clean. Install laminate floor at least in the areas in which the kids tend to use their art supplies and things that make messes on the carpet. If you can skip the carpet scrubbing routine, you'll have a lot more free time on your hands.

Get Organized

Shelving, shelving, and more shelving – get those toys put up where they belong. If you make it easy for the kids to see all of the toys that they have, they'll be more likely to play with all of them instead of focusing on just what is already on the floor.

Get some clear plastic bins and place the toys inside. Snap a picture of the toy set that you have in the bin and slide it up on the shelf. It will look nice and organized and it will be easy for the kids to see what bin the toys belong inside and where the toys should go when the kids are done playing.

Start making small changes and eventually, you'll have the playroom that is easy to keep clean no matter what your kids put it through. Who knows – they may love it so much that they take extra special care of it.