Getting a nursery decorated and furnished can be a great way to prepare for a new baby that will be coming home soon, but it can be difficult to know how to get started when you're starting with a blank slate. When you're looking at an empty room and want to begin to make plans for decorating the nursery, it's best to get the foundation down first.

This can be as simple as getting painting done, making it smart to check out exactly what's involved in painting the nursery so that you can get the very best results for your home.

Take Care of Painting First

As you get ready to decorate the nursery, you will want to consider exactly which order you should take care of the different projects. Bringing home some furniture or laying down a rug can be tempting due to the impact that it can make in the space, but it can be a bad decision if you also want to paint.

Starting with getting the painting done can ensure that you don't need to move anything out of the room and you can fully allow the paint to dry before moving onto the next steps in decorating the space.

Carefully Choose the Right Paint

With so many choices of paint that are available at your typical home improvement store or dedicated paint shop, it's important that you see exactly what kind of paint makes the most sense for the nursery. Since some types of paint are easy to clean, such as eggshell or semi-gloss paint, you will want to be careful to choose the very best fit for a nursery and the kind of wear and tear you can expect as your child grows up.

Pick a Color That Will Mature Well

When it comes choosing a paint color, you may be overwhelmed with all of the options available to you. Instead of being frustrated when picking out the right color, it's best to consider exactly which colors are best suited as your child gets older. While pastels can be soothing, you may find that they're not a good fit once your baby gets older, making it important to choose something a bit more neutral so that you don't feel the need to paint again in just a few years.

Painting a nursery can make an enormous difference in the way the space looks and help set the mood for bringing home new furniture and decorations. With the above tips, you can feel good about visiting a home improvement or paint store to pick out the right color and type of paint for the space.

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