Aluminum siding isn't seen too often, but there are still a number of homes with this siding. If affording new siding is not in your budget, you can try to paint over the siding to make it look like new again. Aluminum siding can be painted, although it can be a lot of work. If you aren't sure what you're doing, or this job is too much work, you can hire a professional painter to get this job done. Read on for everything you need to know about painting aluminum siding.

Clean The Siding

As with any painting project, you should always clean the surface first and your siding is no different. You may have mold or mildew growing on the siding, not to mention the dirt and other debris that may have accumulated on your siding. Use a scrub brush and mold/mildew cleaner to remove the mold/mildew. If you don't get it all off, it can eventually soak through the paint, which will make it even harder to remove. To clean the rest of the siding, you can use a pressure washer, but be careful not to dent the siding, so use a lower setting.

Allow For Drying Time

Once the siding is clean, you need to make sure it is completely dry before attempting to paint it. If you paint on a wet surface you'll end up with streaking and spots on your siding that can be easily seen once it finally dries. You need to allow at least 24 - 48 hours for the siding to dry thoroughly. Also be sure you don't have any rain in the forecast before you begin your painting project, as the paint is also going to need time to dry.

Use Primer

Use an oil-based primer on your aluminum siding. It adheres properly to the metal without bubbling or peeling/flaking later. You can find an oil-based exterior primer at your local hardware store. Be sure to apply the primer to the face of the siding, as well as to the undersides. Apply the primer with a paintbrush and with rollers. The primer will need at least 24 hours to dry before you paint over it.

Paint The Siding

Paint over the primer using an angled paintbrush and a medium thickness roller. You'll want to use acrylic paint to paint over your aluminum siding, and be sure it is for exterior surfaces. Paint the siding over the primer using any color you prefer. Paint one coating, then apply a second coat and third if necessary. Be sure you allow at least 24 hours dry time in between each coating.

Painting siding is a lot of work, especially if you have a lot of surface area. Call a professional exterior painting service for an estimate to have this work done for you.