There are thousands of painting tools available on the market, but none is as important as a paint strainer. Designed to screen paint before use, there are all kinds of reasons professionals rely on this go-to tool. Here are three simple reasons you should get a paint strainer, and how it could improve your overall results. 

1. Remove Impurities While paint is generally pretty homogenous, there are instances when paint can settle, congeal, or not mix properly. If the paint you are using has passed its prime or has been sitting in your garage for months, it could even have dirt, grime, and dust mixed in from dipping brushes into the bucket time after time. Fortunately, you can eliminate all of these substances by using a paint strainer. 

Paint strainers are easy-to-use, mesh screens that you can place over the top of an empty paint can, and pour paint into the container. These funnel-like devices work to screen impurities out of the paint, so you don't unintentionally paint dust and grime onto your project along with that pigment. 

2. Create Even Coverage Paint needs to be mixed, especially if it has been sitting on the shelf for a long period of time. Over time, the pigment can start to settle, which can create uneven coverage when it comes time to paint. Without mixing, your paint could look splotchy or uneven in some places and perfect in others, creating the need for multiple coats. 

However, by pouring your paint through a strainer, you allow the pigment to be broken apart and mixed, creating a more even coverage. You can also mix the paint after it has been strained, improving your overall results. 

3. Improve Finish Coverage is one thing, but the sheen is another. Paints can have sheens such as gloss, semi-gloss, or even satin, but without proper distribution, the sheen can appear splotchy. Some parts of your walls might appear too shiny, while others may look matte. However, using a strainer distributes the sheen particulates evenly, making the finish look even from all angles. If you are really concerned about the finish, you could even run your paint through the strainer multiple times. 

Before you start your painting project, get all of the supplies you need by visiting a company like Spray Right. In addition to grabbing a mesh paint strainer, consider getting some drop cloths, a few new rollers, and even some painters tape to improve the outcome of your project. By doing your due diligence during the paint preparation process, you can improve the outcome of your painting and enjoy the results.