Painting the exterior of your home has many important aspects. These include choosing the right type of paint, choosing the best color, prepping the walls carefully, and painting properly and in the right weather conditions. Painting a house is often best left to professionals so that your home looks its most attractive from the curb. However, you have the important job of selecting the right color. Here are some tips for picking out a new paint color for your home's exterior.

Take Landscaping Into Consideration

Colorful plants and flowers can be changed easily, but you might not want to do anything about mature shade trees. If your property has several trees that cast shade over your house, all that shade can affect the appearance and mood of your home. Shade can cause your home to look darker and dreary, so you might want a light paint color to help make your home look brighter and more cheery even if it doesn't get much sun.

Mix Light And Dark Colors Appropriately

You don't have to paint your home in a single color, but coming up with a color combination that works well can be tricky. One guideline to use is that light color makes an area seem larger while dark colors make the area seem smaller. You may want light color for the siding and darker color around the trim if you have a small house. You might prefer using a light color on the trim around the windows to make the windows look larger.

An exterior painting contractor can offer advice on a good color combination for your home based on your home's architecture. You can also look at homes in your neighborhood to find a color combination you like, but you should probably try to find a color match on a home of comparable size and style.

Think About The Future

If you plan to live in your home for many years, then you have more freedom when choosing house paint. You can choose any color you like as long as it doesn't violate any HOA regulations or city codes. If you know you'll sell your home in a few years, then you may want professional advice on the right colors to choose. House colors go through cycles of popularity. Choosing a trendy color may help your home sell if you're putting it on the market soon, but the color may be out of style in several years. Of course, you could also choose a classic neutral color that has broad appeal and never goes out of style.

If selling your home is your future, then you'll probably want a paint color that blends in with other attractive homes in your area and that complements your property and other features of your home such as the roof and shutters. Contact an exterior painting contractor today to learn more about your options.