Not every painting job is the same. There are different types of painting jobs that require a specialist in that area. When looking for painting contractors, a business will want to be sure to hire a commercial painting company instead of a residential painting company. Residential painters specialize in what an individual may like for their home, and deal mostly with just painting. They have experience in painting the interior and exterior of a house, which is great. However, for a business's needs, you will need a painting company that has a wide variety of specialties, as well as the means to complete a large-scale job on your schedule. For this reason, you will need a commercial painter instead of a residential painter. 

There are many businesses that could use a commercial painting contractor. Commercial painters have the knowledge to paint a variety of surfaces, so their list of projects and experience is usually quite large. 

Examples of commercial painting jobs:

  • Retail – stores of all types
  • Schools – elementary through high school, colleges, and universities
  • Doctors' offices and other medical care facilities
  • Churches
  • Hotels and other hospitality locations
  • Factories and manufacturing buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Multi-family apartment buildings, condos, or real estate housing

Commercial painting contractors will have the means to paint both the exterior portion of the business as well as the interior. They will also be able to provide a variety of different services, which will depend on the company. A few of these services go hand in hand with painting; the painting of ceilings and floors are prime examples. Additionally, they may have the knowledge to paint several different types of surfaces:

  • Decks, fencing, or other wood surfaces
  • Trim work
  • Rust coverage on metal surfaces
  • Parking lot stripping
  • Stenciling
  • Brick

A commercial painter may even be able to seal basements, provide drywall repairs and/or power washing or any other prep work that may be needed before painting the surface that they are working on. 

Commercial painting contractors will have knowledge about paint color choices and the type of paint needed for the project. 

Whether hiring a painter to paint the exterior or interior of your business, hiring a commercial painting company will ensure that you are hiring the right contractor for the job. The finished product will speak for your business's brand and attention to detail, so hiring the right commercial painting contractor for the job is important.