Paint is a great way to transform your home. When people think about painting a home, they generally think about repainting a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. However, these are not your home's only areas you can repaint to give your home a facelift.

Area #1: Doors

You interact with the doors in your home every day. How does the paint on your doors look? Is it dirty from being touched? Has it faded over time? Is the paint chipped? It is easy to overlook your doors, as they are a functional object you interact with daily.

However, repainting your doors both inside and outside of your home can transform the feeling of your home. Painting your front door can change the way you feel when you walk up to your home. Painting the doors inside of your home can make each room you walk into feel new.

Area #2: Interior Trim

Second, often when people paint the walls in their home, they don't paint the trim in their home. Just cleaning the interior trim may not be enough to give it a new shine. Painting the interior trim in your home can help give your entire home a fresh look. It will make every room in your home pop a little more, with a fresh coat of trim. Or you can change up the color of the trim in your home for a more dramatic change.

Area #3: Bathroom

Third, one of your home areas where the paint goes through the most wear and tear is the bathroom. Your bathroom has to deal with moisture daily. Your bathroom is also exposed to lots of harsh chemicals, from cleaning products to hair products, which can damage the paint. Often, the paint in the bathroom should be repainted before the rest of the rooms in your home need to be repainted. Painting your bathroom walls can transform this small space you use every day and make it feel new and fresh.

Area #4: Hallways

Finally, another often-overlooked area in your home to repaint is your hallway walls. Your hallway walls go through a lot of touching over time and tend to get dirty. Repainting your hallways will help brighten up your home. You can stick to the original hallway colors or change the colors to match the feeling of your home now. 

New paint can change the feeling of your home. Painting your doors, interior trim, bathroom, and hallways is a great way to spruce up the feeling of your home. You can hire an interior painting contractor to help you with these tasks.