Your painting contractor will tackle indoor and outdoor paint applications. Preparing your home for the painters, however, might be your responsibility. Consult with your contractor and perform the following prep steps to get your home ready.

Clear and Clean Surfaces

A residential painting contractor can be hired to paint walls, trim, window casings, fences, and other structural surfaces that are inside or outdoors. Your estimate will cover basic repairs, the application of paint, and the labor costs that the contractor charges. Prep work is something that you can tackle, leading up to the day that the painting project will begin.

Remove artwork, ornamental decorations, and other possessions that are hanging from walls or secured to a surface that will be repainted. Dirty substances that are stuck to surfaces that will be painted could affect the quality of the paint job that you receive. Use a cleaning solution and a sponge to clean walls, trim, and other surfaces that the contractor and their painting crew will be painting. Use a duster to clean painted surfaces that contain crevices.

Prepare a Staging Area and Have a Plan for Your Pets

If your entire home is going to be painted, the painters will likely need several days to complete the project. If the painters don't need to use their ladders and painting equipment for other projects during the course of your home being painted, they may be inclined to leave some of their supplies at your home for the duration of the project.

Create a staging area that the painters can use to prepare paint products and store ladders, brushes, and other equipment that they will need to complete the painting project. The staging area can consist of a section of flooring that has a dropcloth or sheeting covering it. This protected area will prevent spilled products from coming into contact with carpets or floor covering and will allow the painting crew to easily access the materials that they will need to get started on the project each day.

If your family and pets are going to remain in your home while the painting project is underway, keep your pets in a room that won't interfere with what the painters are doing. Even though your pets may be well-behaved, they could accidentally brush against a doorway or a piece of trim that has fresh paint on it.

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