Hiring commercial painters to refresh the outside of your commercial property is often one of the fastest and easiest ways to make the building look good. Fresh paint often stands out, but there are some things you may want to consider doing before the painters start work that will help them complete the job faster and protect other parts of the property.

Cover Your Plantings

Often the area around the outside of your commercial building will have plants, bushes, and landscaping that needs to be protected during the painting process. While the commercial painters may do this themselves, if you have a dedicated maintenance crew on-site, you can help speed the process by covering these beds and landscape elements in transparent polyethylene plastic sheets before the painters arrive. 

If the painters are going to be on the job for a few days, it is often a good idea to build some lightweight frames to support the plastic, so nothing under the covering is crushed or damaged when the plastic is in place. It is not a good idea to use black plastic sheeting because the temperatures under the plastic can get so hot that the plants and bushes could get burned. It is essential to remove the plastic at the end of the day to allow the plants to breathe and recover overnight.

Clear The Area

When the commercial painters arrive, they need to get their equipment close to the building, so if you have parking areas up close to the front doors, you should rope that area off so no cars can park there. It is also a good idea to have maintenance crews go around the building and remove anything in the way. 

Pallets near a loading dock, scrap material waiting to be removed, or anything else that might be in the way of scaffolding or lifts that the commercial painters are using should be placed elsewhere on the property until the painting is completed. If the painters are spraying the structure, you may need to move things further from the building and cordon off a larger part of the parking area to ensure that overspray is not an issue. 

Equipment Requirements

In some situations, the commercial painters may need some special equipment to complete the job for you. Often lifts are used to reach the entire outside of the building, and they may bring their own equipment or ask you to provide it for them. If the painters do not have lifts large enough for your facility, you may need to rent one for them and have it delivered to the site. 

It is essential that any equipment like this is on-site when the painters arrive to ensure no delays in the project. Contact the rental company and have the equipment delivered the day before the work is scheduled to start so when the commercial painters arrive, they can get started right away.

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