House painting work can be a major undertaking that is necessary for preserving the appearance of the house along with protecting its exterior against some common types of damage. While having a house painted is a relatively common project that most homeowners will eventually undertake, there are several pieces of misinformation that can make it harder for individuals to effectively understand what is needed to effectively manage this home improvement work.

Myth: Residential Painting Services Only Handle The Exterior Of Homes

Hiring professional painters is the easiest option for having your home painted. Unfortunately, individuals may think that these painters are only useful when the exterior of the house is needing to be painted. In reality, residential painting services can also provide homeowners with assistance when they are painting the interior of their homes. In fact, painting the interior of a home can be more challenging due to the small crevices and other areas that may be difficult to effectively reach with many painting tools.

Myth: Rain Is Only A Factor When Painting The Exterior Of A Home

The need to avoid painting the exterior of the home when it is raining will be obvious, but individuals often underestimate the impacts that rain can have when painting the interior of a home. Periods of rain can have extremely high humidity, and this can negatively impact paint that has been applied to the interior walls of a home. One of the ways that it can impact the interior of the home is by slowing the drying process and even increasing the risk of condensation forming on it. Due to these potential challenges, the interior painting project for your home should only be done on days when the weather is clear and the humidity is relatively low.

Myth: There Is Little Need For Preparing The Home's Interior Surfaces Before Painting

When painting the exterior of the home, it is important for the previous layer of paint to be removed from the surface to stop it from peeling off and taking the new layer of paint with it. However, it is also important to prepare the interior walls prior to painting them. Luckily, most of the surfaces involved with an interior painting project may not need to have the previous layer of paint removed. However, they will still need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of the new coat of paint. This can remove the dust and other debris that may have gathered on the paint's surface over the years.

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