Many homeowners don't take carpet cleaning seriously until there are vivid signs of a dirty carpet. Before you consider carpet cleaning, you need to understand the process involved, why it's essential, and how often you should do it. Here is a homeowner's guide to carpet cleaning.

What Do Carpet Cleaners Do?

Hiring a carpet cleaning company is preferred by many homeowners instead of DIY carpet cleaning. The first reason for hiring professionals is because they have the expertise and tools to clean your carpets. These include UV lights to spot the source of odors. 

The other reason to hire professionals is that their methods effectively leave your carpets looking as good as new. For example, most carpet cleaners adopt the steam cleaning technique. This method involves using hot water to remove stains and dirt deep-rooted in the carpet's fibers.

Professional carpet cleaning begins with unique treatments to loosen dirt and stubborn stains. Afterward, the cleaner will use steam cleaning and vacuuming to remove any leftover debris. After the cleaning process is complete, the carpet is left to dry—this process takes a few hours.

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

The first reason you should clean carpets is for improved health. Carpets absorb dust particles, allergens, and bacteria. Dust in the rug tends to aggravate breathing conditions like asthma. Vacuuming isn't as thorough as carpet cleaning in removing dirt and allergens. Carpet cleaning completely removes these things to help your family breathe comfortably, reducing the risk of colds and other health hazards.

Carpet cleaning also leads to better airflow. When carpets are clogged with dust and debris, airflow is affected, especially around the walls where air needs to move the most. As a result, the rooms in your house are stuffy. 

Lastly, carpet cleaning improves the appearance of your carpet. Dirt causes your carpet fibers to be matted, making your carpet appear old and worn out. Professional cleaning prevents the dirt from tearing away fibers in your carpet, making it look better and feel smoother for a long duration.

How Often to Clean Your Carpets?

A rule of thumb is to clean your carpets once every year. Factors that will help you determine how often to clean your carpets include:

  • How much traffic the rug receives
  • Family members with allergies
  • Smokers in your home
  • Whether you wear shoes in the house
  • The presence of pets in your home
  • Whether there are children in your home

If the statements above are true, you will have to clean your carpets regularly. For example, if your home has high traffic, soil, and pets, consider regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning.  

For more info, contact a local carpet cleaning company.