Paint can do more than add a cosmetic facelift to your home. Specialty paints are available that can serve a variety of different purposes that will solve some of the common issues you may have with your interior walls.

1. Odor Removal

Whether it's the old smell of mildew, nasty cigarette odors, or the stink of pets, a fresh paint job can eradicate them for good. Certain primers are available that permanently seal in odors so that you no longer have to deal with them. A quality paint job with the right materials can save you thousands of dollars since you won't have to remove the odor-soaked drywall to solve the problem.

2. Texture Repair

Drywall is usually textured during the installation process. Texturing makes the wall more attractive and aids the acoustic qualities in your home. Small damages or patches to drywall can lead to smooth areas that don't blend into the surrounding texture. Your painters can use texturizing paints that contain sand or clay to help blend these areas into the rest of the wall.

3. Stain Removal

Whether it's the unsightly discoloration from an old water leak or grease stains that always seem to leach back through the touch-up paint, getting rid of stains can be difficult. Many stains seem to resurface no matter how well you clean. Stain-sealing primers and paints are available that will make these issues a thing of the past. A professional painter can choose the right type for the particular type of stain you are dealing with.

4. Germ Fighting

Are you concerned about germs in your home? Perhaps there are health concerns in your home, or you run a business such as a bakery out of the house that depends on hygienic conditions. New antimicrobial paints are now on the market and available for residential use. These paints contain an agent that prevents microbial and bacterial growth, ensuring healthier wall conditions.

5. Cleaning Help

Some rooms are simply more prone to messes. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are prone to grease, fingerprints, and mildew on the wall. Paint with a glossy nonabsorbent surface is much easier to simply wipe clean compared to other types of interior paint. These types of paints are available in the same large range of colors as standard interior paint.

Contact an interior painting contractor to learn more about all the problems a fresh coat of paint can solve.