More than any other season of the year, summer is alive with vibrant colors that are perfect for refreshing even the dullest interior walls. Whether you love a great ocean view complete with its soothing blue and green hues or prefer an array of colors as bright as a summer flower garden, summery hues will not disappoint. Inviting the hues of summer into your home will evoke thoughts of a sunny days and soothing seashores.

Hues of blue

Blue can be bold and bright or soft and subtle depending on the paint color and it is the perfect choice for a refreshing summer transformation inside your home. Blue as bright as a cloudless summer sky is a great choice if you are looking to infuse your home with a bold color that is appealing to the eye. Look for greenish blue hues if you want to create a tranquil feeling in any room of the home to evoke thoughts of a summer day spent seaside.

Hues of yellow

From deep yellow sunflowers to citrusy shades of lemon, yellow is a favorite summer color that will make any room cheerful, fun, and welcoming. Yellow plays well with nearly any other color and is a perfect choice if you want to recharge any room with the ultimate mood boosting hue. Perfect for a summer kitchen, yellow in a buttery hue will give your kitchen a charming and cheerful look.

Hues of red

Whether red makes you think about sweet berries ripening in the sun or a juicy piece of watermelon, red is the ultimate in refreshment for painting interior walls. Red's boldness makes it naturally reviving. Red is sure to bring to mind memories of summer picnics complete with a red and white checkered tablecloth and time spent with family.

Hues of green

Lush green vegetable gardens, fresh-cut grass, and towering trees are the backdrop of summer landscapes. Painting your interior in these energizing hues is a wise choice if you want a home that is nature-inspired and as relaxing as a weekend spent at a mountain retreat. No matter what hue of green you choose, it makes a great backdrop for plenty of outdoorsy and natural accent pieces.

What is your favorite part of summer? Whether it is an annual trip to the shore, a weekend getaway to a refreshing mountain retreat, or the joy of seeing summer flowers blooming in your garden, the refreshing hues of summer are everywhere. Pick your favorite summer passion and incorporate those colors into your home's interior walls to bring your home to life with the hues of summer.

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