When you set up a home office, it's important to think about more than just the furniture and decor that you want to have in this space. Equally important is the look of the walls, which will not only be noticeable to you but will also be visible to your colleagues if you spend time on video calls. One idea is to decide where your desk will be, and then hire a painting contractor to paint the wall behind you in a specific style. A unique look on this wall will create a stylish background whenever you're on a video call. Here are three ideas for this wall to discuss with your painting professional. 


An ombre wall can offer a trendy look in many areas of your home, and having it in your home office can make you feel proud of the look of this space when people see it on video. Ombre walls feature a vertical blend of colors. Usually, the bottom part of the wall will be dark, and the color will lighten as you look vertically up the wall—typically ending in white or off-white just below the ceiling. Talk to your painter about some hues that would work well in this space, blending a fun look with a professional style.

Polka Dots

Polka dots can be another background idea to consider on the wall behind your desk. This pattern offers a whimsical look that may be a good fit for the type of work you do. For example, if you're a consultant or marketing professional, you might feel that a painted polka dot background helps you to show off your bubbly and fun personality when you're on video calls with clients. You'll likely want a white or off-white background for the polka dot design, and you have the ability to choose virtually any color for the dots themselves.


Another idea that you can discuss with your painter is a geometric design. This means that there are straight lines that appear on the wall in all sorts of different directions, resulting in a variety of unique shapes. A painted geometric wall tends to have a modern look, which can work well for people in certain professions, such as information technology. You can have two or more colors in your design, and it can be fun to discuss with your painter what combination of colors would be the best fit for this part of your home.

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