If you are having business exterior painting done, hire a professional, first of all. The painting project is going to be too complex and time-consuming for you to do on your own or have your handyman do for you. Hire a commercial painting company to do the work for you.

Your commercial exterior painting project can be a huge success if you take the right moves to choose the best paint color. Paint color matters when it comes to business success, as color psychology will show you. If you want your building to stand out and represent your brand, then make sure you choose the right commercial exterior painting color. As a bonus, your commercial painter will also show you the right finish you should choose so your exterior paint job lasts for years to come.


Is your business about being serious and commanding? Black is a streamlined and powerful color to choose for your building, and true black gives your building a commanding appeal. A blue-black or slate black is also a trending paint color.


Yellow is bright, encouraging, and has an uplifting appeal. It's why several restaurant brands choose to use yellow and red as part of their interior color scheme. Yellow inspires consumers to buy and be part of a message, so if this is something you'd like to do, speak to your business exterior painting specialist about the best shades of yellow to choose for your building.


An earthy color, blue is known for its calming and authoritative appeal and is often used in nursing homes, waiting areas, hospitals, and other areas where being calm and feeling welcome is desired and important. Blue is also a vibrant color if it's darker so it's a good way to make a building stand out without painting it black or brick red if you want an earth-toned building that will still attract passersby.


Green is another earthy color that is great for a commercial exterior painting project. What makes green great is that it's a color of trust and success, and you can choose any color from a rich natural green to a sage green for the outside of your building. Your commercial painting specialist will be able to help you choose the best paint colors for your exterior painting project if you cannot choose your own colors. If you need help with painting your building, your commercial painting contractor will help you.

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