Kitchen cabinets are a long-lasting part of your home. Your cabinets are the face of your kitchen and what everyone sees when they enter your kitchen, so if your kitchen cabinets are not in good shape, it says a lot about you and your kitchen. If your cabinets are not the best looking anymore but are still in good shape, you may be able to refinish them. This is a major job to have to do yourself, so hiring a professional painter may be the best thing you can do, or you can attempt to refinish your cabinets yourself. Read on for some helpful information to guide you through this job. 

Strip Them Bare

Strip your cabinets bare to remove the shine from the cabinets and to remove the grease and dirt that has built up on the cabinets. You can strip them with a paint stripper, or you can clean them with a product such as TSP, which will strip away the dirt and grease and will take off some of the shine. You may still want to sand them down a bit to even them out and remove more paint or stain from the cabinets.

Remove The Dust

Blow the cabinets with air to remove dust from the cabinets and any sawdust that you have on the cabinets. You can use a tacky cloth to help remove sawdust as well. Anything that remains on the cabinets will stay on them once you paint over it or stain over it, so you want it as clean as possible and free of all dust until you paint or stain them.

Begin Painting Or Staining

After your cabinets are cleaned and free of dust, you can begin to paint or stain them. Use a new, clean paintbrush or staining brush/cloth. Test it in a small area to be sure it is the color that you like for your cabinets and look at it in different lights and in your kitchen to be sure it is what you want. You'd hate to have to repeat these steps twice because the color isn't what you had expected or wanted. If it's what you want, you can begin painting or staining them. Use even strokes for an even and cohesive look. Apply a first coat to the cabinet faces, then apply a second coat if necessary. Be sure to allow the coats to dry in between. 

If you have cabinets that don't look like they once did or are a bit unsightly, you can refinish them to give your kitchen an entirely new look. Hire a professional painter to do this work for you.

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